Spreading the joy of life and living in Hawaii
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Hawaii Artist Creates Paintings with the Spirit of Aloha

Aloha & Welcome! Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani loves to paint! She creates abstract art and coastal themed paintings that express the joy of life and living in Hawaii. Many of her works are representational, however, she paints abstract art when it comes to unseen subjects. Sometimes she likes to mix the two together. Her favorite mediums to work with are acrylics, mica, resin & watercolor. Her paintings are featured in some of the most beautiful luxury homes around the world. If you are looking for Hawaiian art for your home or desiring to take one of her painting classes, you have come to the right place!

"...it honestly took our breath away. Our family of four stood there with HUGE smiles on our faces. It's stunning and we're so happy that it  will have a permanent place in our home. Thank you!!"       

                                                                                    -Alli Polin, Australia

Jan Tetsutani Art - Create Your Own Oasis

Create your oasis with these aloha-filled art paintings

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place to relax, play, entertain & create memories of a lifetime. Turn silent, boring wall art into speaking ones that will express what you are uniquely passionate about. These beautiful pieces of art can help you to create the atmosphere and aesthetic that you have worked so hard to create. It can help to create a welcoming and warm environment for you and your guests.

Coastal Art & Abstract Art for Luxury Homes & Businesses

It's those little details that make for a beautiful interior design. It's about making a room about everyone and everything you care about. It's about personalizing a living space to making it uniquely yours. These unique pieces of original artwork can help to accentuate the elegance of your beach home or business while bringing in the beauty of the coastal living lifestyle.

When you own a piece of my work, you have a little part of me and the aloha spirit that was put into the painting. Feel free to take a moment to see my work or find out how I can create something personalized just for you. I look forward to getting to know you!

Jan Tetsutani Art - Resin Art

One of the few Hawaiian artists that uses resin in her artwork

I enjoy working with resin although it can be a wild beast due to its stickiness (like honey) and the limited time frame before it hardens. I feel I have become familiar with its characteristics that we dance with each other and appreciate each of our contributions, although you never know what can happen. I feel that a camera cannot capture all the beautiful textures, layers and details that come from the work and it is best to be seen in person. Careful attention is given into each resin artwork from the preparation to creating the work, preparing layers and allowing drying times in between. I like the finish of resin because it reminds me of water and surfing and it adds a nice finish to the work. It creates a smooth shine to the artwork.


 "Simply put, Jan's art is amazing.  Fresh, bright and happy-my favorite style."                                                                                                                 - Leanne Hong, Hawaii 


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