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Hawaii Artist Commissioned to Paint Mural at Timbers Kauai

Mural at Timbers Kauai

Aloha! How is your summer going? I can't believe September is just around the corner! It's been a busy summer for me so I haven't had a chance to post about my summer adventures earlier. In May I was honored and humbled to be commissioned to paint a mural for the Tykes Room at Timbers Kauai, a brand new luxury resort & ocean residences. They are known for their one of a kind destinations and unforgettable experiences.

If you are ever in Kauai, I would highly recommend you visit their world class golf course (open to the public) and/or restaurant Hualani's Grill which is open to the public for dinner. There are lots of hiking trails nearby as well including access to the lighthouse. It was so much fun and what a delight to be painting surrounded by such beauty.

Timbers Kauai

Beautiful view of the lobby entrance from the observatory deck. Do you see the lighthouse in the distance? I love that!

This spectacular view from the lobby is just breathtaking.

Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani paints mural at Timbers Kauai, Hawaii

There is a lot of preparation that goes into painting a mural as well as after. Walls are measured, paint colors are decided, supplies are ordered & picked up from multiple suppliers, walls are primed, electrical covers need to be removed, door knobs & edges need to be taped. It's also more physically demanding than painting on a canvas as you may be painting on a ladder all day, going up and down to move the ladder (or walking on a plank). One has to have to have good balance since most of the time you are holding the brush in one hand and you have your paint in the other. I try not to look directly down as it can make me a little nervous if I am like 12 feet high. The wall above the sink was a little challenging as I couldn't stand straight while painting the higher parts of the wall because my head would hit the ceiling, but my thighs got a good workout. Haha!

Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani commissioned to paint mural at Timbers Kauai, Hawaii

Working on the reef

Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani paints mural at Timbers Kauai

Making progress

Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani paints mural at Timbers Kauai

Here is the finished mural. These sea creatures are ready to play and have some fun! 

Jan Tetsutani at Timbers KauaiChalk paint was incorporated with this part of the mural so the children can interact with the mural and drawn in their own sea creatures. 

Jan Tetsutani Mural at Timbers Kauai

Those playful crabs always make me smile!

Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani paints mural at Timbers Resorts on Kauai, Hawaii

This wall of the mural has Wailua Falls with some Nene Birds, goats and a blacktail deer which all are a part of the island of Kauai. There are lots of Nene birds around the property which I was happy to see since they are endangered birds. The goats are really tiny on the mountain so its a bit hard to see them this photo.

Jan Tetsutani Art Mural at Timbers Kauai

Here is the Tykes Room with the furniture installed. I enjoy painting large and having the feeling of something bigger than you. After I finished the mural, a family stopped by and I was happy to hear from the children how much they liked it. One child came in the room, said 'wow!' and ran up to the wall to touch the seal. It warmed my heart. This room is now ready to help families build memories for a lifetime. 

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