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'Aloha from Hawaii' Limited Collection

aloha from hawaii 2019 limited collection by jan tetsutani
'It was another cold & dreary winter. The sky was gray and I was starting to fight off the sniffles. Being stuck inside, I couldn't wait to go on my dream vacation to Hawaii for Christmas!  The kids were excited as well. Finally landing in Hawaii there were blue skies and pink & orange sunsets. All my worries were washed away as our family walked along the beach in the sunshine. It felt like aloha swept me away to a happy place. Taking long walks through a tropical forest with a backdrop of colorful plants and flowers invigorated my soul. Celebrating Christmas in Hawaii was one of my favorite holiday memories.'                   
                                                                               -Karen, Michigan, USA

Welcome! This collection is about some of my favorite things about living in Hawaii - the sunsets, the ocean, flowers and plants. Hawai'i is a special place and quite different from most other places around the world during the winter season as it doesn't really get that cold.

It actually does snow here, but only on Mauna Kea, which is the tallest mountain in the world. The north shore is famous for its ocean swells and surfing during the winter. It is quite breathtaking if you ever have a chance to see enormous waves.

My favorite time of the day would have to be when the sky transitions for a brief moment from blue to shades of gold, oranges, pinks and purples. The sun sets on the westside of the island where I live and Ko'Olina is one of my favorite places to experience it. Whenever I am there I feel like I am on vacation. It's a beautiful and peaceful place. The name Ko'Olina suits the place well as it means 'Place of Joy' and it was an area where Hawaiian royalty would come for respite. I hope my art helps you to experience the joy I feel from living in Hawai'i.

Whether you live in Hawai or someplace else around the world I am sending you 'Aloha from Hawaii!'