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'Glow, Baby Glow' Art Print

$ 40.00

Let boring and drab be brought to a hush by ushering this unique art print into your home or office. We are all drawn to things that glow.

Jan Tetsutani gives the inspiration behind this painting: "The inspiration behind this painting is how we can look down on our uniqueness. Maybe the way our hair is. Or, maybe we don't find a lot of people who share our same interests. Maybe its the things we find are funny.

These are good things! Not bad things! You may feel quirky, awkward, or ugly because of that unique thing about you. Maybe you've been teased about it. If jellyfish could talk, (I know they don't talk, but I'm just using it as an example) at first they may not like all the attention they're getting because of all the glowing going on, but its what makes them beautiful and unique. Most of them are balloon shaped, but I still haven't heard anyone say "Eww! Look how fat that jellyfish is!' I mostly hear people saying how beautiful they are. So whatever is unique about you, don't be ashamed of it! Just be yourself and 'Glow, Baby Glow!'"


  • Art print comes in sizes 8 x 10 inches or 11 x 14 inches
  • Full-color press printed on heavy weight card stock.
  • Ships priority mail.
  • Art print from an original acrylic painting sized at 16x 20 inches
  • Original has been sold
  • Psalm 139:14

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