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'At The Tip Of Your Toes' Original Acrylic Abstraction Painting

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This peace is perfect for your living room, office or bedroom bringing the sweet thoughts of the ocean indoors.

The artist's inspiration for this painting came from a picture of the ocean shoreline in her mind. This is her first debut of an abstract painting. This is what she says about her inspiration "I noticed that there is a transition from land to sea and how the methods of getting from one place to another changes in the different elements. On land we travel by walking, running, biking, or by driving. In the sea we swim, float, surf, or sail in a boat or ship to travel. At different times in our life we face changes whether initiated or not. It could be in the form of a new job, a loss of a job, empty nesting, children becoming adults, loss of a loved one, injury or illness, or moving.

I realized there were a lot of people in my life going through transition and felt that I needed to pray for them. In times of change there needs to be a renewing of our minds. We cannot rely on our experience or the way we have done things, especially if this is new unknown territory we are traveling. For a parent dealing with a child who will become an adult, it may mean stop making their lunches, washing their clothes, fixing every problem they face and letting them fly on their own. It may be putting together your resume, finding a new job and starting over again. Maybe it is rekindling your marriage because your kids have become the focus for many years. Maybe it is learning a new culture and making new friends because you are moving to new location.

Change can bring on fear. It can make us vulnerable to run to things for comfort that are not good for us. Instead of focusing on sharks or the 'what ifs' at the shoreline, focus on the bigger and greater plan that God has for you. He will get you where you need to be. This is an opportunity to learn new things.

Traveling on land without any vehicle is like the physical realm without God. We feel the full weight of what we carry on our own. The ocean without any vehicle is like partnering with God where there is a grace that allows us float and feel weightless. Invite Him in during this time. He is waiting for you to ask. Embrace this transition, this new season that is coming in your life. There is a wonderful adventure awaiting at the tip of your toes!'


  •  36 X 48 inches on gallery wrapped canvas
  • Materials: acrylic paint

© Jan Tetsutani Art - All rights reserved
Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale

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