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'Beyond the Horizon' Original Acrylic Painting

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Can you hear the happy ukulele playing in the background? Blue skies and a calm sea - what more could you want? This lovely horizontal piece is filled with the earth, sky and sea bringing the outdoors inside to your sanctuary. Made with a cheerful heart and with an extra scoop of aloha.

The inspiration behind this painting from the artist: 

There are certain things we can't see, but we know they exist. It's like the wind, gravity, the sun after it sets, and love. Can you see the love that goes beyond the horizon? Its height, depth and width can't be measured. It fills my heart with overflowing joy.


  • Size 24 x 48 x 2.25 inches on wood panel 
  • White wash is texturized
  • Smooth & shiny finish
  • No framing is necessary.
  • Made with acrylic paint & resin


 2017 Copyright Jan Tetsutani Art | All Rights Reserved | Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale.

 Psalm 36:5

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