Your Hawaii artist for abstract & nature-inspired art to help you bring the aloha & beauty of Hawai'i into your home
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The Art of Business


Most artisans struggle with wanting to do what they are passionate about and getting paid for it. I have been there and I want to help you to make a living to be creative whether as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, ceramicist, seamstress, jewelry designer, photographer, etc.

Jan Tetsutani - Hawaii artist

Hello! My name is Jan Tetsutani and I am a full-time artist from Hawaii. Some of my clients are Four Seasons Resort O'ahu & Timbers Resorts. My art is found in luxury homes around the world. I have exhibited my work in Japan and sell my work at Manoa Gallery (ranked #1 by Yelp). When I started my business in 2014 I knew nothing about business or marketing.

Renae Christine - The Leading Teacher for a Handmade Business

Renae Christine

I took some free workshops from Renae Christine and I learned so much that I bought her courses. It was one of the best investments I made for my business.

What I love about her course is that she shows you step-by-step how to start, market & expand your business. No previous experience is necessary. Renae is fun, brilliant, down-to-earth, genuinely caring, and a great teacher.

If you are wanting to start selling your handmade products, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is why I am partnering with Renae to offer you this FREE workshop that you can watch in the comfort of your own home.

Register for Renae's FREE workshop by clicking here.