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'Crab Ohana Day' Art Print

$ 30.00

Crab Ohana Day

Fill your living space with the joy of family with this special original painting by Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani! 

The sun is shining and there is a southerly breeze slightly moving the palm tree leaves. Sounds of laughing and screaming crabs can be heard from the ocean. It's a perfect day to be at the beach! "Hey everyone!" says papa crab "Here comes a nice wave we can all catch! Come on mama!" Mama crab climbs up daddy crab and he lifts her up while catching the wave. Baby crab giggles from being scared and excited at the same time. The other kid crabs are no stranger to surfing and glide effortlessly on the wave. "It's a party wave!" one of the kid crab screams while holding a star fish and climbing on his brother's back. "Whooo hoo!" he screams as the wind blows in his face and his stomach drops. Maile, the dog pops her head out of the water while snorkeling to catch a glimpse of what the screaming is all about. "We need to do this more often" daddy crab says.....It's a great with the family.

Art print available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14. Full-color on press printed heavyweight card stock. Ships priority mail.

Original painting size: 48 inches by 36 inches on a gallery wrapped canvas

'Ohana' means 'family' in the Hawaiian language.

This painting has been sold.

© Jan Tetsutani Art - All rights reserved
Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale

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