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'Decorating the Christmas Shell' Christmas Card

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Flashlights flicker on the seashore one dark night. Clouds block the stars and no moon is to be seen. The Crawly crab family are going for an evening crawl. Father Crawly is grabbed and dropped into a bucket. Mama Crawly screams in despair. She is grabbed and dropped into another bucket. Baby Crawly runs as fast as he can, but is grabbed and dropped into another bucket. Baby Crawly cries “Moma! Moma! Where are you?” The crabs in the bucket try to help each other escape, but to no avail. Will they ever see each other again? It’s dark and all they can hear is the sound of the waves on the seashore.

After what seems like eternity, the bucket starts rocking back and forth. The buckets tumble to the ground. “Moma! Moma!” cries baby crawly. Mama Crawly runs to the voice and swoops baby Crawly in her arms. “Oh how I missed you!” says Mama Crawly. “Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?” cries baby Crawly. Father Crawly hears his scared little voice and crawls towards the voice fast as he can. He sees Mama & baby crawly and tears start to roll down his shell. They all join pinchers.

A large shell and starfish is in the sand next to some battery-operated Christmas lights someone left at the beach. A band starts playing “O Holy Night” in the distance. The stars & moon seem like they have never been brighter. “It must be Christmas!” shouts baby Crawly. “We have reason to truly celebrate!” says Mama Crawley. “We are finally free!” says Father Crawly. “Let’s decorate the Christmas Shell!” says baby Crawly.

John 8:36

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Details: This Christmas card is sized at 5.5 x 4.25 inches on a thick 16 on a 120 lb opaque paper and comes with a white envelope. The inside of this holiday card is intentionally left blank for your personal message.

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