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'In The Pocket' Art Print

$ 25.00
I have seen people take off in the most critical part of the wave where it has the most power at Pipeline on the North Shore. They are in the right place at the right time. They get barreled and it’s an epic ride! Ooh yah! It’s amazing to watch!

That is what inspired this painting, along with the story of David from the Bible who was the youngest of all his brothers. When word came that Samuel the prophet was coming to their house to appoint one of the children as king, David wasn’t even brought to Samuel. He could have had a bad attitude, but instead he was faithfully tending the sheep (he was in the right spot). When Samuel saw David, He recognized He was the one that God was calling to be King (in the pocket).

Even if no one else sees your value or potential, God does. Just be faithful to what He has called you to do. You will be in the right place at the right time when He will call you out (bring a sweet wave to you). When you are doing what He wants, you will be ‘in the pocket!’

1 Samuel 16:11

Art print from an original acrylic painting. Print comes in size 10" x 8" & 14" x 11" full-color offset press printed on smooth heavyweight stock. Ships priority mail in a mailing tube via USPS mail. Print will not have watermark. Please inquire for shipping to your destination if not listed.

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