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'Relentless 1' Art Print

$ 40.00

A beautiful piece of artwork for people who love Hawaii, surfing or the ocean. 

This is the inspiration behind this painting from Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani: 'This painting was inspired when I heard Max Lucado (who is an amazing author) speak in person about when he was a little boy he never saw the ocean. He had only seen lakes. The day his grandfather took him to see the ocean he was amazed as he stood on the shoreline seeing the waves continually come to shore. He asked his grandfather, 'Does this ever stop?' And the grandfather asked 'Does what ever stop?' 'The water coming to the shore...Does it ever stop?' Max asked. The grandfather answered and said "No, it just keeps coming." This is like the love of God. It is like the waves on the shoreline or in a turbulent sea. It just keeps coming, no matter what. His love is relentless!'

This is the first painting of a two part series.

Song of Solomon 8:6-7

Art print from an original acrylic painting. Print comes in size 10" x 8" & 14" x 11" full-color offset press printed on smooth heavyweight stock. Ships priority mail in a mailing tube via USPS mail. Print will not have watermark.  

© 2014 Jan Tetsutani - All rights reserved
Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale

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