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'The Star' Art Print

'The Star' Art Print

$ 40.00

A beautiful and colorful original acrylic painting of this underwater ocean scene will add vibrancy to any room. 

The artist shares about the inspiration behind this painting: 'I woke up that morning and I kept hearing 'star'...'star' in my head so I thought I would paint a starfish. Sometimes I feel like my paintings are for a particular person who needs to hear a message. I thought maybe it was someone in my painting class, but it wasn't. The starfish has a unique quality about it that it can rejuvenate. If it loses a limb, it can grow back. Maybe someone out there has lost a limb and (and maybe not literally - maybe lost a loved one or a job or a family relationship that is strained) and I feel like the message is that "...you will be rejuvenated - what was lost will be restored." Since then, I have found the person the painting was to go to! I had a dream of a woman with an accent right before I woke up. Later that morning I heard her voice speaking in the background and I remembered my dream.

    • Art print from an original acrylic painting sized at 16 x 20 inches
    • Full-color press printed on heavyweight card stock

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Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale.

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